ELIYA's Care

Made of Pakistan yarn and domestic first-class combed cotton yarn and manufactured by Germany machines and dyed with imported dyestuff , ELIYA towels mainly include 21s towels, 32s towels, 16s spiral towels and imported 16s spiral towels, possessing uniquely extraordinary softness, water-absorbing quality and tensile strength. The craftsmanship of making towels are various including plain weave, jacquard, dyeing, yarn-dyed weave, sateen weave (including Platinum sateen), yarn-dyed sateen, etc.


ELIYA bathrobes have lots of patterns and all of them are made through rigorous manufacturing process. With natural, good-quality pure cotton as raw material and three-dimension cutting technique, each one of them has their unique quality of comfort and fashion.

The professional embroidery technique of ELIYA can meets all the customers’ requirements of customizing LOGO for their towels, bathrobes and slippers.